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Wearlayer of 5,5 mm Solid oak, glued on a very stable Birch ply backing
2 layer construction
Faik Senturk
Andrzej Waldera

Product specifications construction

The 5.5 mm strong wear layer and the strong two-layer construction ensure excellent properties for application with under floor heating systems. Our engineered floor boards have all the benefits of solid wood floors, but without the inevitable weaknesses. Our floors retain their strenght, due to the multi-layered construction. In real terms this means less gaps and much less tendency for undesired cupping, both of which are hard to avoid in solid wood flooring.


Thanks to the multi-layered construction, even with installation on under floor heating systems there is no problem. As a constructional layer we use high quality birch plywood. The stability of our floorboards allows us to produce them in attractive widths and lengths to ensure the beauty of the wood structure is displayed.  The thickness of the plywood can be reduced depending on the required specification. For instance for less heat resistance 12 mm plywood can be used in conjunction with a 3/4/5.5 mm veneer. For constriction requirements on battons the plywood thickness can be increased to 15 mm with a 5.5 mm veneer.