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About Dennebos Flooring

Dennebos Flooring is a supplier, producer and wholesaler of engineered wooden flooring. In our production location in Raalte, the Netherlands, rough oak timber is processed into wood flooring. From here, we supply construction firms, retail chains and wholesalers around the globe. Thanks to the fact that the entire production is in our own control and by keeping large stocks of half products, Dennebos manages to supply a bespoke flooring product with reasonable lead-times.

Individual & authentic

Wood flooring comes in shapes and sizes, however wood floors to create individuality are our specialty. Our experience of many years of finishing techniques has resulted in incomparable floors. As unique as you are, or the environment you are looking to create. No copies, just the original.

Natural & durable

Dennebos floors are made of wood; one of the oldest, natural and ultimately renewable construction materials. A floor can last a lifetime. Or as long as you choose. Sourcing your wood from responsibly managed forests guarantees sustainable forest recourses for the future.

Solid & traditional

Our floors are very durable as it is life itself that takes place upon them. Engineered construction with strong wear layers of veneer and a solid plywood base ensures the longest possible life. Maybe even longer than we would wish for.

Timeless & beautiful

Dennebos floors grow even more beautiful in time. Sunlight and wear make a floor even more natural looking and unique.

Hygienic & easy to maintain

There are few floors that are easier to maintain than Dennebos floors. Special surface finishing makes our floors very resistant to external influences. Maintenance is very simple with a significant focus on allergy friendly floors.

Wood is in our name. And in our heart.

In 1991 Dennebos Flooring was set up as a sawmill in Raalte, The Netherlands. Almost immediately we set up the production of our unique floors, following the long tradition of woodworking in The Netherlands. And when your name, like our founder’s name, is Jos Dennebos [ which means pine forest] the theme wood surely runs in our blood and it is very much in our hearts.

Corporate social responsibility

People at Dennebos Flooring are highly skilled and have a long-time experience in the production of engineered wood flooring. Some 30 employees produce our wooden floors for various clients, both in and outside Europe. Among our employees are impaired workers from the wood department of a former social employment organisation, which we took over. After moving to our production plant on the current location in 2010, these people are still valuable employees.

Sustainability and circularity

Wood is a sustainable product by nature, but also within our production processes, we are looking at opportunities to produce in the most sustainable way. Dennebos Flooring uses, for instance, left over wood pieces to heat our 10.000 m2 production hall. We also invest in cleaner motors and machinery to save energy.

Our choice to produce flooring in random lengths is also based on the matter of sustainability. Our intention is to use as much of the wood as possible. By cutting everything to fixed lengths we would have more waste.

Circularity is an important theme at Dennebos Flooring. We understand that there is an important role for us regarding sustainable forest management and how to handle responsibility for the raw material wood. We do this through our own FSC-certified forest and by buying PEFC or FSC-certified timber. Currently it is also possible to produce flooring from re-used, reclaimed oak which brings meaning to projects in which circularity is the starting point.

Special flooring

Dennebos Flooring solely produces on order. The mayor advantage is that you can create your own floor. You can choose from various widths, gradings, colours and patterns. By keeping the whole process in our own hands, short lead times are guaranteed. This makes Dennebos Flooring distinctive.