Dennebos engineered floorboards have a standard thickness of 17,5 mm [ 12 + 5,5 mm] and random length between 600- 2700 mm. Percentage of boards shorter than 1500 mm should not exceed 20% of the total. Thickness of 20,5 mm [ 15 + 5,5 mm] for structural use is possible on request. Dennebos engineered  flooring is suitable for fitting upon an underfloorheating system.



Suitable for glued down installation on underfloor heating/ cooling systems. In various gradings available.
Special length
3.000 – 5.000 mm **
Available width
120 mm
140 mm
160 mm
185 mm
220 mm
240 mm
260 – 400 mm *

*For technical reasons our 260-400 mm wide boards are 20,5 mm thick.

** Please contact us about availability of width in long length material.

Additional information

  • The Dennebos N.11  floor has to be treated with a natural maintenance oil straight after having fitted the floor [ see our maintenance instructions].
  • Thermal conductivity [ RC value] at a thickness of 17,5 mm is 0,108 m2 K/W. At a thickness of 20,5 mm the themal conductivity is 0,128 K/W.
  • Dennebos engineered flooring has been tested on emission. Test results can be send over on request.
  • Fire certification of Dennebos engineered flooring according DIN EN 13501-1 is Cfl-S1. Test results can be send over on request.
  • Dennebos engineered flooring are CE certified according DIN EN 14342.
  • Dennebos N.11 can be delivered in various patterns.


  • The N.11 is a finely sawn oak floor. This floor is lightly brushed by us so that it does not feel rough but still retains its characteristic finely sawn appearance.


We have listed the maintenance for this floor in a PDF form. This can be viewed / downloaded via the button below.

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